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Jordan Jones Legacy - Coach Brandon Harrison

When on the field in a game or in practice, he exhibited an attention to detail and punished the opponent with his play. Jordan was a warrior in so many other areas of life as well. He was dealt a very tough hand at young age but met his challenges head on and fought like very few can. To battle cancer and to maintain a personality from which others derived the nickname "Sunshine," speaks to his attitude, composure, toughness, spirit and his determination to press on through the extremely challenging circumstances he was given. I never saw Jordan with a negative attitude. This is true even when he knew his time on Earth was coming to a close. 

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Jordan Jones Legacy - Karyn Quinn's Eulogy

I didn't spend time with Jordan as a small child, but I was fortunate to have him grace my life when he was about 16 .. Instantly Jordan stole a piece of my heart, became my hero, and started teaching me things about life and how precious it is, and the people in it... Things I thought I already knew.. There is nothing I say here today that every person in this room has not experienced in your own relationships with Jordan .. The minute he enters your life you are touched by his smile, his humor, his laugh, his tenderness, his compassion, his wisdom.

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Jordan Jones Legacy - A Mother's Farewell

Jordan's last days were the toughest of all with so much pain and suffering, yet he continued to try and be present for Jeff, Breanna and myself. Just 3 days ago on our walk, he was the one consoling me and said he'd always be here for me no matter what. He said that because of our story, and his pain and suffering, we have touched millions of lives and have saved many, and will continue to do so for a thousand years. His exact words. . . To know my son, is to love him! We have all learned so much from Jordan on how to live with such great passion for life, strength and deep, deep compassion for others, and most importantly, to LOVE!! 

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