The treatment of testicular cancer starts with the Orchiectomy. It is the removal of the diseased testicle which is then sent off to pathology to determine the tumor type, as well as an assessment of the stage and extent of the disease. The pathologist sends the report back to your oncologist who determines what method of treatment is right for you.  There are traditionally three options: Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy and Surveillance.

Clinical Trials are all new treatment options that you may consider if you are diagnosed at a later stage, or if you are not responding to the traditional treatment therapies. Visit for more information.

Knowing your treatment options is critical to making informed decisions.

Testicular cancer isn't as prevalent as some other cancers, therefore, many physicians are inexperienced with the treatment of this disease. We recommend that your physician consult with an expert when treating testicular cancer.  Please visit our Testicular Cancer Expert page for a list of experts across the nation.