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Volunteers are an integral part of Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation's mission.

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Our primary focus lies in the promotion of the Testicular Self Exam (TSE) to men of all ages. While it cannot prevent the disease, performing a monthly TSE is critical to early detection to testicular cancer, which can help prevent the need for chemotherapy and other, more aggressive treatments. We are dedicated to bringing education about TSE to school aged men and breaking down the barriers of silence surrounding men's health. Too often, young men are afraid or ashamed to talk about testicular health. The consequences of not speaking up can sometimes be fatal. Are you interested in volunteering for TCAF?

Through our volunteer educators program, we are looking to become a well known source for information about testicular cancer, and the importance of testicular self-exams. We seek to enlist the help of dedicated, passionate, and outspoken volunteers, to take our message to men everywhere in their communities. The goal is to break the silence around this disease, provide important, life saving information to men everywhere, and to become a network of volunteers, patients, survivors, and caregivers, all dedicated to impacting the lives of other men.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer, or an educator? Do you have a passion for public speaking, and want to share your story?  Click here to learn more about our Volunteer Educator Program.

If you would like to distribute brochures throughout your community, please order them here. 

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We greatly appreciate and value your contribution and time. 

Thank you for your time and dedication!