Jordan Jones Legacy - Liz Homuth's Eulogy


Liz Homuth is a longtime friend of the Jones family.

I was asked by the Jones family to share with you a few words about Jordan. For Kim, Jeff, Breanna and Jordan, I would do just about anything, so I jumped at this opportunity! I have so much to say.... Jordan has taught us all so much! I've decided to share with you all some of Jordan's amazing qualities.

He was ACCEPTING - Jordan never judged a book by its cover. In honor of Jordan, please turn to the person next to you and shake their hand or give them a hug.

Jordan was KIND - he was kind in a way that makes you think about your own kindness and how we treat each other.

Jordan was FORGIVING - he was forgiving of cancer as hard and tumultuous as it was... Cancer was NOT going to define him. Instead he decided to share his story and was able to help millions of people and help save lives.

Jordan was THOUGHTFUL - He always wanted US to be comfortable, no matter how uncomfortable the situation may be... He always told us "I love you" after ever visit with him and hugged you as though it may be the last.

Jordan was POSITIVE - In the moments when life hands us a piece of shit on a platter, Jordan could turn it into something positive. He reminded us many times this last year through his music "I just wanna live" and by saying "I'm going to help someone else by going through this" he would say " It's going to be ok" even when WE knew it wasn't going to be ok.

Jordan's SMILE - Doesn't Jordan have the best smile? Jordan's smile was and still is infectious! Even at the end of his life, he still gave us that sweet smile.

FAMILY - Jordan taught me, your family is the people you surround yourself with... This my be your actual family, but it also includes your friends. They should be respected and loved as so!

Jordan was LOVING - Jordan wanted us to love and be loved as ONE. Let's all honor him as we move forward in our own lives, with LOVE in our hearts, mind, body and soul.

If I did not know Jordan, I would not truly know or understand these life lessons, I hope that they have touched you too. I'm so grateful to have to have known such a beautiful soul, thank you Jordo, you will always be an INSPIRATION.

Liz Wilson Homuth