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Testicular Cancer is the Leading
cancer in men 15-44


Awareness •• Support •• Survivorship 



Jordan Jones the inspiration behind Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation

Inspiration Behind Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation strives to spread awareness, support the fight against testicular cancer and continue to save lives.
Awareness •• Support •• Survivorship

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Save your life. Self-Exam.

a testicular self-exam can detect early signs and symptoms.


1. Cup

Cup one testicle at a time using both hands. Best performed during or after a warm shower. 

3. Get familiar 

Familiarize yourself with spermatic cord and epididymis, the tube like structures connected on the back side of each testicle.

2. Examine

Roll the testicle between thumb and fingers using slight pressure.

4. Feel for changes

Check for lumps, changes in size or irregularities. It’s normal for one testicle to be slightly larger.


Support and Survivorship

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation has a strong community of survivors, physicians, family and friends who consistently provide support for those affected by testicular cancer. Click below to join our TCAF community.