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TC Conference Guest Speaker - David Jacobs

We are honored and excited to welcome David Jacobs as a guest speaker at the Testicular Cancer Conference. David originally started working in the fitness industry as a professional wrestler which he states was an amazing and eye-opening experience. He was constantly surrounded by huge characters with incredible physiques who inspired him to take his fitness to the next level. It was at this time that David really started training hard and doing a lot of research to learn as much as possible about bodybuilding and nutrition. Being a wrestler was a fantastic time in David’s life, but it takes a toll on your body, so he decided to pursue a career in personal training.

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TC Conference Guest Speaker - Jack Broadley

Last year Jack Broadley was an attendee and this year we are honored to welcome him back as a guest speaker at the Testicular Cancer Conference 2018. Jack Broadley is the Founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Baggy Trousers UK. A charity based in Greater Manchester, England whose purpose is to raise the profile and public awareness of testicular cancer, educate males and those in contact with males on self-examination and offer support to boys and men directly affected by testicular cancer.

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