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John Armijo - PTSD, Keanu, and Me

TCAF Ambassador John Armijo shares his perspective of getting his life back after testicular cancer through his movie work, and on recovering from the extreme fatigue, neuropathy, and PTSD that followed chemotherapy. "In my quickly-going-insane mind, I had already died and was in Hell. I couldn't leave the house due to low immunities and had lost everything in my mind, from the ability to sleep and eat, and now my sanity was next on the checklist before I ultimately lost my life. A bit exaggerated in retrospect, but very real to me at the time."

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Ambassador Bio: John Armijo

I'm 43 years old. A father and a husband, and a professional loser...

I fought the GIJOE team, and was killed.
I fought the raptors of Jurassic Word... I was slaughtered.
I fought for control of the Planet of the Apes. I lost.
I fought Key & Peele for the cutest kitty in the world. I was shot.
I've even fought Keanu Reeves in court. I was defeated.
In 2014 I fought for my life against testicular cancer. I won that battle.

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