Ambassador Bio: John Armijo

My name is John Armijo.

I'm 43 years old. A father and a husband, and a professional loser...

I fought the GIJOE team, and was killed.
I fought the raptors of Jurassic Word... I was slaughtered.
I fought for control of the Planet of the Apes. I lost.
I fought Key & Peele for the cutest kitty in the world. I was shot.
I've even fought Keanu Reeves in court. I was defeated.
In 2014 I fought for my life against testicular cancer. I won that battle.

In February of 2014 I was diagnosed with pure seminoma. After a 25 mile bike ride, I dismounted and something just didn't feel quite right. As a normal guy, I ignored it. About two weeks later during vacation I REALLY noticed something was wrong. My wife suggest I called our urologist and an appointment was made. I was diagnosed with cancer and out it came. Six months later, spreading was found in my lymph nodes and I began BEP chemotherapy in January, 2015. Upon completion of chemotherapy, I was hit hard by PTSD, then 15 months of recovery before my “new normal” took hold.

My mission with TCAF is to do my part to spread awareness to all young men, and their parents. As a man, I know how embarrassing something as sensitive as the topic can be to discuss. However, we as a society have done an excellent job in educating our daughters, sisters and mothers on the subject of breast cancer and how to do self examinations. I feel we must do the exact same thing for our sons and brothers, as well as reach out to newly diagnosed patients, current patients and those in recovery to lend our support and guidance.