Twitter Chat with Wego Health: Tuesday, April

We are excited to be hosting the Wego Health weekly Health Activist Chat (#HAChat) on Twitter this Tuesday, at 3pm EST.  We'll be discussing testicular cancer awareness month and testicular cancer education for an hour!

For those of you who don't know, we were awarded the Best in Show: Facebook Health Activist Award from Wego last month. This was a huge honor for us, and a huge win for our entire community of supporters. Without all of you and your continued support, it wouldn't have been possible.  Our many thanks to those of you who continue to support us, engage with us, and help us spread the word about testicular cancer and our mission to save lives! 

Wego Health is a social network of involved health activists. Their goal is to help foster relationships between activists and supporters, and help those people and groups reach a larger audience to fulfill their goals. Wego Health strives to provide resources and opportunities that enrich the platforms for health activists around the world. 

Tuesday's chat is on Twitter only, but we'll provide a recap here on Wednesday and share some of the best moments from the chat. If you're on Twitter already, it's simple to join in on Tuesday at 3pm EST. Be sure you are following us (@TestesCancer) and Wego (@wegohealth)  

We hope you'll get the chance to join us for what should be a great chat and a great way for us to educate others about testicular cancer!