Our Mission

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation strives to spread awareness, support the fight against testicular cancer
and continue to save lives. 
Awareness. . Support. . Survivorship 


We are a nonprofit compassionately dedicated in the fight against testicular cancer through awareness and outreach, promoting the importance of monthly self-exams for early detection, support and guidance to patients and families, providing a resource for the medical community, providing financial assistance to those in need and continuing to save lives.

We stress the importance of early detection through the practice of monthly testicular self-exams, just as women are taught to detect early signs of breast cancer through monthly breast self-exams. We are fighting to make TSE part of education classes taught at the jr. high, high school and college levels.

We seek to reduce the great stigma and taboo associated with talking about testicular health. Most teenagers and young men are embarrassed to openly talk about their bodies and the changes taking place, therefore testicular cancer goes undetected and for some, it's too late.

We navigate patients to seek the best protocols for testicular cancer that yield the best outcomes. Because testicular cancer is not as common as many of the other cancers, some medical facilities are inexperienced in the treatment of this disease and may be unaware of the most effective protocols. It is crucial when diagnosed with testicular cancer that the patient have access to the most reliable and expert care that yield the best treatment plans and outcomes resulting in lifesaving measures.

We empower the patient with resource information for financial assistance through the use of online fundraising tools. We provide limited funding to those in immediate financial need. 

Through social media, we connect the newly diagnosed with others who have been affected by this disease. Many men and their families feel completely alone when they are first diagnosed not knowing TC has touched thousands of lives. Support is very important.