TCAF in Schools and Health Clinics - Testicular Cancer Awareness Education Where It Matters Most

Nothing matters more to all of us at the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation than getting out into the public, and helping to raise awareness about testicular cancer. It's the number one form of cancer in men ages 15-44, yet almost no one talks about the disease! The rate of testicular cancer in young men is nearly the same as the rate of breast cancer in young women, yet all you ever see are pink ribbons and breast cancer awareness campaigns. There's nothing wrong with that, but we need to be talking about men's cancers and testicular cancer, too! We need to see more BLUE out there, and so it was great to see so much awareness activity this past week by TCAF Ambassadors in both schools and at health fairs.

Former TCAF Education Director and current Ambassador, Michael Muriett, was at Maricopa High School this past week. Michael's son, Justin, whom he lost to testicular cancer, graduated from Maricopa High School. It was incredibly draining emotionally to share the story of his son with the 7 different classes that he spoke in, but there's no higher purpose as far as raising awareness about testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is a disease that can disproportionally affect teenagers, because they might be too afraid to ask any questions if they notice something amiss with their bodies. Testicular cancer is highly curable, but awareness of the disease and early detection with self-examinations are the key to that.

Similarly, TCAF Ambassador Russel Goodman, was at the Highland High School raising awareness about testicular cancer as well. Via Russel: "I spent the afternoon at Highland High School, it was the Salt Lake City School District's Employee Health Fair. I spoke to a few folks about the importance of Monthly Self Testicular Exams. I taught them about Testicular Cancer, the leading cancer in young men ages 15 to 44. It is always surprising the lack of information people have about TC. Several women walked past my booth and stated... This has nothing to do with me. I ask, do you have men in your life? And they state, "no he is only 14." So I tell them about TC, and they say, "now come I haven't heard about this before?" I say, THAT'S WHY I AM HERE TODAY! All in all a wonderful day of educating others. "

Russel is always busy volunteering for TCAF and raising awareness about testicular cancer. He also attended 5 health classes at a charter school, DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts, where he taught over 70 young men and women about testicular cancer on May 10th.

Last but not least, TCAF Ambassador Steve Fillmore, attended a Delta Airlines Employee Event. Steve also leads the airline's Cancer Support Employee Network, and was on hand to talk NUTS with employees of the airline. Steve Fillmore will also be doing weekly "Wellness Wednesdays" for flight attendants at Delta Air Lines at the Minneapolis ( MSP ) base. It's one of the ways Delta Air Lines is creating a safe and healthy workforce.

It was wonderful and inspiring to see so many great volunteers out there helping to raise awareness about testicular cancer! Thanks to all of our amazing TCAF Ambassadors for all of your efforts!

Are you inspired? Do you want to be a part of this amazing team? If your life has been touched by testicular cancer in some way and you're looking for a way to give back, we would love for you to join us!  Click below for more information about the TCAF Ambassadors program!