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TC Conference Honorary Guest Speaker - Dr. Lawrence Einhorn

We are excited to welcome back Dr. Lawrence Einhorn as our honorary guest speaker, world renowned tc medical expert at our Testicular Cancer Conference 2018. Lawrence Einhorn, MD, has been on the IU School of Medicine Department of Medicine faculty since 1973. His field of expertise includes clinical trials and supportive care, with focus in the areas of lung and testicular cancers. Dr. Einhorn has also been involved in the clinical development of new drug therapies. Studies chaired by Dr. Einhorn at IU School of Medicine in testicular cancer led to the FDA approval of cisplatin, etoposide and ifosfamide. In addition, his groups conducted the pivotal studies that led to the approval of both gemcitabine and pemetrexed in non-small cell lung cancer. Dr. Einhorn’s studies helped to save many lives turning testicular cancer into a highly curable cancer with a 90% overall survival rate.

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