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Ambassador Bio: Josh Cooper

"Hey guys!  My name is Josh Cooper, I am a stage 2a Pure Seminoma Testicular cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed in October of 2012, originally stage 1b.  At the time, I was a healthy and happy 24 year old, and thought nothing could go wrong.  One day, I noticed my left testicle just felt off.  It felt hard, but I didn't find a lump.  As the days went on, I searched webmd, and started to worry.  With no health insurance, I went to my local urgent care.  They originally thought it was an infection, but a few weeks later we did an ultrasound.  That day, I got the call the changed my life.  I remember sitting in my car, my world crashing around me, when I heard the words "Mr. Cooper, there is a very good chance that you have testicular cancer."  

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