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Strength Is Freedom

I was a prisoner of my past.  My prison warden was someone called “I used to”.  “I used to” would remind me of my previous accomplishments lifting humongous weights, running long distances, and various feats of acrobatics.  The warden was quick to steal the joy out of my life and pull the rug out from under me whenever I attempted to regain the strength I was so proud of having before.  I spent many days feeling sorry for myself and lamenting the things I could no longer do until one day I decided I was done with the suffering.

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Great Support Starts With Listening

I get asked a lot about how to support people going through chemotherapy, so I thought I would share a short story about the best thing my sister did while supporting me through the process of chemotherapy. She was someone I could count on to listen and helped me feel comfortable enough to dump all my complaints on. The act of listening is one of the most compassionate things you can do yet it is often taken for granted.

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Ambassador Bio: Daniel Sarmiento

I had surgery to remove my cancerous left testicle in April 2012 and a recurrence of cancer in my lymph nodes that was discovered later that year. I went through chemotherapy from January 2013 to April 2013. I thought I was in the clear after surgery. I thought I found it so early that I was going to return to my normal life with one less testicle. It turns out that the surgery is not the only place where things could go wrong. The place where my life was impacted most was my family. My wife changed after my surgery and became argumentative and distant from me. Life was difficult without a supportive spouse to help me through my recovery, but it got even worse when the cancer came back.

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