TCAF in the media

"After losing son to testicular cancer, parent wants to teach awareness"

Michael Muriett’s 19-year-old son Justin died from testicular cancer a year ago, a little more than a year after graduating from Maricopa High School.

That is why Muriett wants to speak at the district’s middle schools and the high school – to raise awareness about testicular cancer, which predominantly affects males ages 15 to 35, and so he can help save other lives.

But Muriett said the Maricopa Unified School District denied his initial request to speak at the schools, saying the content was too sensitive for students.  (Read the full story)

Grand Junction Football Player Overcomes Testicular Cancer

Diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer at age 13, Jordan Jones inspirational story. Testicular cancer is the leading cancer in men 15-35, can strike any age, yet it's hardly talked about. Jordan Jones inspired the start of Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.  Click above to watch the video.

Jordan Jones Commercial

Digital Summer PSA for Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation

Digital Summer "Balls, Nuts! & Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. Digital Summer supports TCAF after losing one of their biggest fans Justin Muriett at the early age of 19 to this disease. 

Keep-A-Breast Spotlight - Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation

"As a survivor, I know that there are a ton of amazing organizations that advocate for, educate, provide support services for, and connect cancer survivors worldwide. Keep A Breast would like to highlight some organizations that are doing great things for the cancer community, in ways in which we can't!

This past spring, I had the opportunity to meet Kim Jones, a lively, passionate woman whose son, Jordan (pictured above), was diagnosed with stage 4, inoperable testicular cancer at just 13 years old" (Read the Full Blog Post)

 "Biker for Balls" 48 State Motorcycle Ride

"When it comes to testicular cancer, it seems women have the balls to talk about it.

“It’s easier to approach women and talk about testicles than men,” said Lorrie Sheley, 50, who plans to start a nationwide 10,000 mile ride on her Harley motorcycle next week to promote testicular cancer awareness." (Read the Full Story)

Steven Hollon - Cancer Fighter

"My name is Steven Hollon and I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Testicular Cancer on August 24, 2013. I am a senior at the University of Illinois studying Accounting. I plan on staying for a fifth year to receive my Masters of Accounting, and then sit for the CPA Exam. I was forced to take this semester off due to my cancer diagnosis."

Cake Ball Brand Fights Testicular Cancer

"With the kick-off of Men's Cancer Awareness Month, the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation and new nationally retailed cake ball company, Sweet Ballz, have partnered up in the fight against testicular cancer." 

Go Nuts for No Shave November - Splash! Magazine

"Join the fight against testicular cancer during TCAFs “Go Nuts for No Shave November.” Participants will shave off their beard and mustache at the beginning of the month, then retire their razors and let it all grow out until November 30, which aims to grab as much attention as possible to inform the public about testicular cancer. "

Marijuana Use Tied to Testicular Cancer

"Experts say it's a major problem that could be prevented. The study was published in the American Cancer Society's Journal, "Cancer." It says men under 35 who smoke pot are twice as likely to get testicular cancer. Experts say the study is interesting, but inconclusive. They say it's all about common sense and early detection."

Tee Off for Testicular Cancer - Phoenix AZ 2013

"The Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation will be hosting its Tee off for Testicular Cancer event at Club West Golf Club in Phoenix on November 8th 2013. This event is in memory of Justin Muriett a valley teen who passed away last year after a brave battle with testicular cancer."

What is the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation? - MassKickers Blog

"Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation was formed by Kim Jones, after her son Jordan was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Testicular Cancer.  The foundation was formed in October of 2009 with the mission of educating young men on the importance of early detection, and supporting those who are affected by this disease."

From the Football Field to the Cancer Ward

"On October 26, 2007 I heard the words “Your son has stage 4 testicular cancer that has spread throughout his body.”  My son, Jordan Jones, was diagnosed at the young age of 13, just 2 weeks before his 14th birthday. It was a complete shock to everyone, especially me! Not my son, he’s too healthy."

Golfing for Testicular Cancer Awareness

"If you are a golfer–regardless of your ability or skill level–I would encourage you to join me for the 2nd Annual Golf Benefit for the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. It’s coming up on Friday, August 17th, 2012 at Adobe Creek Golf Club."