Mason Pritchett and Shannon Pritchett Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation Financial Assistance Grant July 2019

 In early April 2019 Mason Pritchett, my husband, received the dreadful diagnosis of testicular cancer. Mason is only 31 years old with a full life ahead of him. Mason’s love and laughter has touched all around him and is contagious! Mason and I recently eloped as soon as he got blindsided by this diagnosis to hopefully help cover the medical expenses. Mason has been out of work since April when he was diagnosed because Dr Bhalla, his oncologist, wanted to begin treatment as soon as possible. The cancer is in his chest between his lungs and above his heart. He has been given a poor prognosis because of the yolk sac around his germ cell tumor. He has already gone through four rounds of chemotherapy so far, each round is for five days a week and for seven hours a day. Yesterday Mason had his tumor removed from his chest and from the sounds of it, the whole mass has been removed. We won’t know the results from pathology until sometime next week. If the tumor is still cancerous, he’ll need to have 2 more rounds of chemotherapy. The grant from TCAF has really helped to take a lot of worry and stress away for at least one month because one income alone is not enough to pay the monthly bills. Thank you so much! This is the greatest news ever! - Mason & Shannon Pritchett

Anthony Zuber Photo.jpg

This grant has really helped my family out a lot. Just having one less thing to stress about is incredible to say the least. I can focus more on getting better and being there for my wife and kids. Can’t thank TCAF enough. - Anthony Zuber

This email brings me great joy. My wife, whom is also my friend, caregiver and life support system struggled with me through this cancer journey. We are fortunate to have lived a comfortable life well before February 14, 2019. After being diagnosed with testicular cancer on February 15, 2019, my whole life changed rapidly in seconds. It took me awhile to process what my Urologist told me just before surgery. No one ever wants to hear those words, you have cancer. This financial grant is an open door for bigger things. I know now that there is hope through your foundation for patients like myself. I had no energy or anything of me to give when I wrote to your foundation regarding the cancer diagnosis. This grant will help to put food on my table and gas in my vehicle. This brings relief to me and lessens the stress level. Thank you very much Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. - Anonymous

Luke Perkins Photo.jpg

Luke Perkins passed away at only 22 years old after a courageous battle with cancer. Luke is survived by his mother, fiance and daughter. We provided Luke’s family with gas and groceries to help them during this difficult time.


Thank you so much for the generous financial assistance grant to pay two months of my rent payments. The financial devastation that follows a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. Add to that the birth of our first child has been moved up to May 22. The monies provided from the grant will help me to focus on getting well and preparing for the arrival of the baby while I am unable to work. I can’t thank you enough for removing the worries of maintaining a place to live while I fight this difficult battle. - Brian Carter

Harry Patterson - July 2019.jpg

The Grant to pay my rent for a month will enable me to live in my apartment as I recover from my last two surgeries for testicular cancer. They resected my abdomen, removed the massive tumor and one kidney while grafting the aorta and vena cava in July.

Next week I will have surgery to remove a tumor on my neck. I have been staying with my parents since the middle of April. I need to get back to my apartment to finish my healing before I can return to my life as normal. Thank you for the assistance. - Harry Patterson

Mendez Family Photo.jpg

Hello from the Mendez family. Thank you so much for the grant you gave us. We were able to purchase groceries and have a wonderful Christmas dinner with all our family. We also bought groceries for the following two weeks. We cannot express how much it meant to us.

Joshua Hill Photo.jpg

Thank you TCAF. The financial assistance grant will allow me to put this amount towards other living expenses.

- Joshua Hill