Cause Marketing Partnership  

Cause Marketing is a win, win, win for the company, consumer, and Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.  It provides an easy way for consumers to engage in and support our mission, while generating awareness and funds, with the potential to increase sales for your company.  Consumers love seeing companies participate in cause marketing and seek to make contributions that will positively impact their communities.   

Why partner with Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation? 

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation is saving lives every day, by educating on the importance of awareness and early detection of this disease.  

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.  Below is information to help you determine if a cause-related marketing promotion with TCAF will meet your business objectives.  Please review the following carefully before completing the Cause Marketing Partnership application. 

Logo, Name, Materials:

Written permission is required to use any of Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundations logos, name or materials.

Criteria for Businesses Seeking Partnership with TCAF:

A minimum of one year in businesses required for seeking a partnership. We may make an exception if you have been in business less than a year depending on the nature of your company. 


  1. Although TCAF is the beneficiary of proceeds through its partnerships, we have no ability to sell or distribute products for our partners.  TCAF may publicly acknowledge its corporate partners, but because of our non-profit status, we cannot advertise or promote our partners' products or services.
  2. TCAF will not agree to sell, loan or distribute its mailing list or email addresses to third parties.
  3. TCAF will not be affiliated with any products or packaging containing the Proposition 65 warning label or any language pertaining to an increased risk of cancer.

Testicular Cancer and Testicular Health Education:

In connection with all cause-related marketing promotions benefiting TCAF, we ask partners to help us raise awareness and educate the public about testicular health and testicular cancer.  We ask all partners to publish TCAF's website ( on all partner promotions, events, marketing packaging and related advertising materials.

Best Practices:

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman implemented charitable cause marketing best practices. These standards are in place to give consumers better information and a clearer understanding of how their donations support TCAF’s programs. We work closely with our partners to ensure all cause marketing programs meet these standards, and all program details are transparent to consumers. 

Please download and read this list of Five Best Practices for Transparent Cause Marketing from the Attorney General.

Disclosure Regulations:

Cause-related marketing promotions that benefit TCAF are regulated by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance Standards for Charity Accountability as well as by applicable state commercial co-venture laws.  These regulations require full disclosure to the consumer regarding the benefit to the charity when donations are raised through a consumer purchase on all packaging, advertising and promotional materials in clear and unambiguous terms.

Example only: During the month of April, the Blue Bracelet Company will donate to TCAF $10 for each bracelet sold.

If your promotion is approved, TCAF will work with your company to suggest appropriate disclosure language.  For more information about the BBB Standards (including Standard 19, which applies to cause-related marketing promotion disclosure), please visit

Thank you again for supporting the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.  Please complete the Cause Marketing Application by clicking "Become a Cause Marketing Partner!" Once we receive your proposal, we will contact you to discuss the review process and available options.