Go Nuts for No Shave November

Men's Health Awareness Month

Start your team on TCAF's Crowdrise Event page at
Choose to DONATE to a team, or Set up your own Fundraising page and get as many people to join and donate to your team
Donate directly to a team whether you participate or not
If you are starting a "New Team" add photos and videos along with your personal story why you are supporting "Go Nuts for No Shave November"
Come up with a fun & catchy name
Set a fundraising goal
Grow new facial hair such as a beard, mustache, goatee, sideburns, etc. for the month of November (WE ENCOURAGE WELL GROOMED BEARDS, MUSTACHES AND SIDEBURNS!)
Talk to as many people as you know about the importance of awareness and early detection of testicular cancer
Ask friends, family, co-workers and strangers to support a cause you believe in
Hosting an event of any kind and get everyone you know involved. We love it when women participate as well!
$10 minimum donation is required.

"Best Beard" Contest. 
-After you make a $10 minimum donation you are able to enter the "Best Beard" contest. 
- Post a picture of your well groomed beard to the Facebook Event page on November 30th to enter the contest.
- The winner will win a free TCAF t-shirt of their choice and a 10 pack of wristbands ($75 value). 

All money raised during No Shave November will go directly toward promoting awareness and early detection of testicular cancer and supporting those who are affected by this disease.

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Tax ID 27-1086557 All Donations are tax deductible. Please join us in the fight again testicular cancer today!