Volunteer Guidelines for Vans Warped Tour 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation at Vans Warped Tour this summer!

  • You will be attending Vans Warped Tour (VWT) as a volunteer for Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation (TCAF). This is NOT an opportunity to attend Warped Tour for free. You are there to work and educate others about testicular cancer. 

  • Don't be shy! TALK to as many people as possible! We are there to spread awareness! You can make a difference and save lives! We have saved lives from attending VWT in the past. 

  • Approved volunteers will need to be well educated about testicular cancer and the importance of early detection and testicular monthly self-exams. 

  • All volunteers will need to represent TCAF in a professional manner.

  • You will need to purchase a TCAF shirt to wear while volunteering. Good news we give our volunteers an awesome discount, only $5 this year! You can purchase your shirt the day of event. 
  • No Smoking anywhere near our exhibit.

  • No drinking alcohol anywhere near the exhibit.

  • There must be 2 people attending the booth at all times.

  • Phones should only be used at a minimum. We do encourage you take photos and share them on our social media sites using our hashtags. 

  • You will need to arrive by 10 am and work until 6 pm. Times may vary depending on location. You are more than welcome to stay and see the remaining bands.

  • Please come prepared with the following items:

    • Sunscreen (Seriously!)

    • A water bottle (They have a water tent where you can fill up)

    • A cooler with lunch and snacks

    • Sunglasses (Or we will be selling TCAF sunglasses for $5)

    • We recommend bringing toilet paper (the port-a-potties run out 1/2 way through the day) 
  • Be prepared for hot or rainy weather depending on location. Warped Tour goes on rain or shine!

Remember: All volunteers will need to represent TCAF in a professional manner and uphold to our guidelines as mentioned above.


Ok now that you've read the volunteer guidelines, time to apply!