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One Lucky Bastard by Scott Petinga

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation

I always thought I was invincible. Several times in my life escaping death; and overcoming physical and emotional pain that I would never have imagined while serving in the Corp. My determination drove me not to follow the road most traveled but forge ahead to create my own destiny – needing to overcome difficult challenges that lay ahead as some sort of badge of accomplishment I could proudly show off. My success to that point was the result of this philosophy. That was 10 years ago - May 3rd, 2004. 

However, I’ll never forget that day (the memory forever etched into the back of my mind). I went to bed healthy and woke up the following morning with cancer. All I could think about was what did I do to deserve this? Why me? What caused it? For the next several days I had flashbacks of my life – places I’ve been, people I’ve met, activities I took part in. I constantly thought about all the things I still needed to do, lessons I needed to learn, people’s lives I had to influence. I do know that I never felt so vulnerable and not in control of my life as I did during my operation and treatment. My brain wanted to admit to being defeated but my heart and soul refused to settle for anything less of victory. This is what drove me to move forward - to reach new heights, realizing that nothing in life was impossible. I temporarily ran into unforeseen obstacles and suffered a few minor delays but there was always another ‘mission’ to complete, another sunrise to see. 

They say cancer has a way of changing people. It definitely has changed me. One thing is for certain; I’m still not sure how I escaped death – don’t really care. All I do know is I am one lucky bastard.

Scott Petinga is our newest member of Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation's Board of Directors. We think we are the lucky ones.

Recent Press Release: Leading Marketing Expert Scott Petina Join Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation Board of Directors: 


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