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Everything you need to know about testicular cancer; awareness, education, support, treatment, resources, signs & symptoms, testicular self exam, and more. 


TCAF Ambassadors

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation Ambassadors

We are pleased to formally launch the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation Ambassadors program for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, 2017! The TCAF Ambassadors program is a comprehensive end-to-end program designed to help fulfill the support needs of testicular cancer fighters and their loved ones from the moment of diagnosis, and all the way through the survivorship years after.

Program Highlights

A TCAF Ambassador Can Help You Understand Your Diagnosis and Navigate Treatment Options

A unique challenge of testicular cancer is that it tends to strike younger men who are unaccustomed to dealing with health challenges of any sort, and that it's also a rare and aggressive cancer. Treatment decisions must typically be made very quickly, and many doctors are simply unfamiliar with the disease or how it needs to be treated. This is enough to overwhelm even those that are already familiar with the medical system. How do you know who to trust? You can trust a TCAF Ambassador. Although not trained medical professionals, TCAF Ambassadors are familiar with the latest recommendations for treatment of testicular cancer, can help you understand your diagnosis, and flag atypical diagnosis and/or treatment recommendations for second opinions by known TC Experts, to help ensure your disease is being treated correctly. A TCAF Ambassador can help you gain invaluable peace of mind in fighting your cancer.

A TCAF Ambassador Can Help You Find Your Way After Cancer 


A TCAF Ambassador Can Be A Public Educator and Testicular Cancer Advocate

A core mission of TCAF since its founding has been to raise public awareness about testicular cancer, and to help educate the public about a disease that almost no one talks about. As a TCAF Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to attend public health fairs and clinics as an official representative of TCAF, reach out to local media on behalf of TCAF and raising awareness about testicular cancer, and, with approval, speak in schools and colleges, and even create fundraisers and other fun events to benefit TCAF and help support our mission.

Support, Guidance, Inspiration, Motivation, Education

The Possibilities are Limitless when you become a TCAF Ambassador

The TCAF Ambassadors program is an end-to-end program designed to help those from the moment of diagnosis and through the survivorship years after. The possibilities are limitless. We need your unique creativity, vision, and support to help make this program a success on behalf of those diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.

Looking for Support?

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