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The Top 5 Things You Need To Know About The Testicular Cancer Summit in Denver


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The Top 5 Things You Need To Know About The Testicular Cancer Summit in Denver

Kim Jones

It’s coming this Fall 2017! Mark your calendars for October 13-15th in Denver, Colorado for a first of its kind Testicular Cancer Summit, featuring Dr. Lawrence Einhorn as an honorary guest speaker! If you’ve been wondering what’s going on and what this is all about, here are the Top 5 things you need to know about the Testicular Cancer Summit in Denver this October.

The Testicular Cancer Summit is an event planned by a committee of testicular cancer survivors, and the founder of Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.  


  • Steve Pake – 6 year survivor of testicular cancer, and author of the award-winning Cancer Blog, Young Adult Cancer Survivorship by Steve Pake at Steve also serves as a Director and Blogger at the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. 
  • Mike Craycraft, 11 year survivor of testicular cancer, Founder of the Testicular Cancer Society, and owner of the popular web forum.
  • Dr Phil Pierorazio, Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation board member and Medical Advisor, Director of the Testis Cancer Division and Assistant Professor of Oncology/Urology at the Johns Hopkins University Hospital
  • Steve Fillmore, a 2x Testicular Cancer Survivor and motivational speaker, and author of the website
  • Jason Greenspan, Testicular Cancer Survivor, 
  • Kim Jones, Founder of the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.

What Is Our Mission?

Our mission and purpose is very simple. We all just want to put together the best possible testicular cancer specific summit that we can, for as many people that care to join us, regardless of our various affiliations with different testicular cancer organizations and missions. When it comes down to it, we’re all on the same team of helping to raise awareness about the most common form of cancer in young men, and helping them through their cancer fights and survivorship journeys afterwards. Despite being the most common form of cancer in younger men, testicular cancer is still considered to be a rare cancer, and thus the best way to achieve critical mass for a testicular cancer summit is to combine forces, followings, and resources. We could not be more grateful for the enthusiasm and support received thus far.

Dr Einhorn Will Be There

Yes, Dr. Einhorn will be there! We are extremely grateful that the man who developed the modern cure for testicular cancer will be in attendance to help kick off this summit. Dr. Einhorn’s landmark work in the 1970’s on the Cisplatin drug and the first “PVB” chemotherapy protocol literally turned testicular cancer from a death sentence to one of the most curable cancers. Dr Einhorn will deliver an hour long presentation about testicular cancer on Friday afternoon, and will then be available for a brief Q&A and meet and greet session afterwards.

“Dr. E”, as he’s commonly known, is an angel. To this day at 75 years of age, he still consults with testicular cancer patients and oncologists all over the world via email, per his own free will and outside of his role at Indiana University, often responding within an hour. Dr. E has touched the lives of millions all over the world not just through his landmark work, but as a public figure that has always made himself accessible to the public on the topic of testicular cancer.

So many of our lives have been touched by Dr. Einhorn, even if we were never actually patients of his! If you’ve ever wanted to meet Dr. Einhorn in person, this Testicular Cancer Summit will be your chance. Dr. Einhorn will only be available for the Testicular Cancer Summit on Friday afternoon, October 13th, so plan your travel accordingly! We’re most grateful that Dr. Einhorn will be attending this first of its kind Testicular Cancer Summit!  

It Will Be More Than Just Dr E

It will be more than Dr. E in attendance. We’re working hard putting together a great list of guest speakers and attendees from both the testicular cancer oncology and urology worlds, and from the testicular cancer advocacy and non-profit arenas, to educate and inspire attendees. Look for announcements throughout the summer leading into the fall summit in Denver. We have nearly a dozen people of significance lined up to speak, deliver keynote addresses, and to lead breakout sessions. Dr. Einhorn is just the start of a steadily growing list. You’re going to be both amazed and impressed! We’ll make it worth your trip to Denver.

This Will Be a Life Changing Event

Testicular Cancer is a small world, but for one weekend in October, we’re going to bring as much of that world as possible under one roof in Denver for a life-changing event and summit.

If you’re involved with testicular cancer advocacy or just want to understand more about this disease, it will be an incredible opportunity to pick the brains and learn from some of the best minds in testicular cancer oncology and urology, that we never seem to have enough time with during office visits. So many of us have a desire to give back in some way, and the Testicular Cancer Summit will also be the perfect opportunity to learn about different testicular cancer centric advocacy and non-profit missions across the world, and to learn about the volunteer opportunities that are available to you, or even what you can do on your own! Last but certainly not least, is networking. The opportunity to network is one of the core features of this summit. It’s the perfect opportunity to finally make those in-person connections with so many that you might have only known online through the Internet and social media for so long – so many of us will finally get those handshakes and hugs we’ve long sought. There’s nothing like being face to face, and for one weekend, we all will be!

Connect, Learn, Network, and Enjoy!

On behalf of the Testicular Cancer Summit Planning Committee, we hope you will join us and look forward to seeing you in Denver, October 13-15th.

Steve Pake
Testicular Cancer Summit

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