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Testicular Cancer Summit Founder's Statement - Ron Bye on 42 Years of Cancer Survivorship


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Testicular Cancer Summit Founder's Statement - Ron Bye on 42 Years of Cancer Survivorship

Kim Jones

Ron Bye, Testicular Cancer Summit Co-Founder and Co-Chair, and today, 42 year survivor of Testicular Cancer! 

42 years ago today I heard those fateful words... "it's cancer"... I went on to also hear my doctor tell me he knew of ONE patient with my pathology that LIVED... I was told I had a less than 10% chance of survival... and yet here I am over 4 decades later!!

Equally as amazing, in 9 days I will celebrate our 43 wedding anniversary with the woman I credit with saving my life back then! She forced me to go see a doctor which meant it was discovered in time to allow me to survive! My bride has stuck by me through some of the most horrible times and yet still loves me! She deserves Sainthood! 🙂

And yes, for those mathematically challenged... I was diagnosed 9 days before our first wedding anniversary! At that point instead of planning a life together we were forced to contemplate my mortality.........

In a couple months we will travel to Denver to participate in the first ever Testicular Cancer Summit and will finally get to meet many of our brother and sister survivors!

When I was diagnosed (1975), no one talked about it, there was no Internet, there were no support groups... it was up to my wife and family to provide any and all support necessary... it was truly a lonely feeling and having no way to understand what was happening or what would happen next... no one to talk to to understand what I was feeling and experiencing... no one to advise how best to manage the effects of extreme treatments.....

So much has changed in the last 4 decades and with the Summit so much more will change! We will finally meet face to face and know we are not alone... we have someone to talk to... someone to help!

I do hope as many survivors and caregivers as possible can join us in Denver, share your story and experience the life changing event I know it will be.

Ron Bye
Co-Founder & Co-Chair
Testicular Cancer Summit

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