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Everything you need to know about testicular cancer; awareness, education, support, treatment, resources, signs & symptoms, testicular self exam, and more. 

TCAF at the Baltimore Orioles Community Booth


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TCAF at the Baltimore Orioles Community Booth

Kim Jones

Although the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation is based in Grand Junction, CO, we are a nationwide non-profit organization, and #TCAFEast in particular has become a veritable force for testicular cancer awareness in the Mid-Atlantic region. TCAF Board members Dr. Phil Pierorazio, Steve Pake, Jason Greenspan, and several other TCAF volunteers all reside within the MD/VA/DC area, and were able to connect at the Baltimore Orioles game on July 18th for a night of raising awareness.

TCAF in the Baltimore OriolesREACH Community Booth

The Baltimore OriolesREACH community booth program gives 501(c)(3) groups such as TCAF access to the stadium to raise awareness for their causes for free, and to connect with Orioles fans. TCAF was in the Orioles Community Booth on Tuesday, July 18th for the Orioles vs. Rangers game, and it was a wonderful night. Over 750 TCAF pocket testicular cancer guides were handed out to Orioles fans in a targeted manner. With a lifetime risk of developing testicular cancer at around 1 in 250, it's statistically likely that at least several of the people at the Orioles game we reached will develop testicular cancer at some point in their lives. If these fans know about testicular cancer because of three random guys handing out pocket guides at an Orioles game one night, and know to self-exam and not to wait if they notice anything amiss, and manage to detect it early and live, or potentially avoid all sorts of harsh and toxic treatments because of this simple effort, that's awesome! 

"Not Just Some Random Dude"

Dr Pierorazio handing out pocket testicular cancer guides at the Baltimore Orioles game

We're guessing that exactly zero people realized that one of the men handing them pocket testicular cancer guides was in fact the director of the testicular cancer program at Johns Hopkins University, and an internationally recognized expert in the treatment of testicular cancer whom sits on the NCCN board for the treatment of this disease. In surgery in the morning, and at the Orioles game handing out pocket testicular cancer guides at night! Dr Pierorazio is not just an awesome doctor, but an amazing human being as well. We are very blessed to have him on the TCAF team not just as a medical advisor and board member, but as a booth volunteer as well. Bravo, Dr Pierorazio!  

The TCAF East crew will be back at Camden Yards again sometime this year! It was a fun night for all, and a great way to raise awareness about Testicular Cancer.

Steve Pake
Director, TCAF Ambassadors

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