Kim Jones

Kim Jones


Founder & CEO

Until October 26, 2007, I was a mother, a wife and a mortgage banker. On that day, however, my life was changed in immeasurable ways. That was the day my son's battle with cancer began. (click here for more of Jordan’s Story) Everything I had done up to that point in my life, no longer mattered. The only job that mattered was being a mother and watching my son fight for his life. I watched him go through life-threatening surgeries, six cycles of chemotherapy, and countless hours of pain and suffering. Nothing I had done prior to this could have prepared me for what was to come… I wondered why I, along with countless others, was unaware that testicular cancer was such a common diagnosis in young men starting at the early age 15. Why had my son's cancer progressed to stage 4 (aka stage 3c) before we even knew he had it? If we had known about testicular cancer and the signs and symptoms, Jordan’s cancer would not have progressed that far. My passion now is to help other families and young men from missing the signs of testicular cancer and help save lives.

Jordan Jones relapsed after 7 years and passed away June 8, 2016 after a year of extensive treatments and surgeries. I promised him I would continue to fight against this disease and educate others about the importance of awareness and early detection.

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