Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation at Rugged Maniac

On Saturday, August 5th, the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation was at Rugged Maniac in Mohnton, Pennsylvania for the day to raise awareness about Testicular Cancer. Jason Greenspan from the TCAF East Crew attended this event. Rugged Maniac is a 5K obstacle course which travels to different cities across the country. Rugged Maniac is a company which got its popularity from the hit ABC television show, ‘Shark Tank’ after striking a deal with billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Cuban. Most 5K races/fun runs have attendees run the race and then hold the awards ceremony before hinting that the event is over. What makes Rugged Maniac different is that they don’t have just a run, but they have an all-day party! They have the 5K obstacle race in different starting timed heats and throughout the day they have beer stein hoisting contests, pull-up contests, and even a pie eating competition. They also have numerous vendors at their events which make them more interactive for their participants.

We arrived at Rugged Maniac around 8:00 AM that day. The parking attendants showed us where our space was located. We unloaded the tent, table, giveaways, and wristbands at our spot before eagerly waiting for participants to arrive. Around 9:00 AM the attendees started arriving. There were over 4,000 registered attendees at this Rugged Maniac event! Although the event is for all ages, it appeared that the majority of the people in attendance were between the ages of 20-45 years old. This was perfect because Testicular Cancer is the most common type of cancer between the ages of 15-44 years old. We were able to hand out hundreds of testicular self-exam pocket guides, stickers, temporary tattoos, and sell a lot of wristbands to enthusiastic attendees. Wristband sales and donations raised over $300. Our sayings, “Grab Life By The Balls” and “Love My Nuts” definitely got some of the runners talking! We want to get the topic started about Testicular Cancer. There seems to be a stigma associated with it and we want everyone to tell their friends and family. No one should be embarrassed about it!

This was a very popular awareness event! Hundreds of people now know about Testicular Cancer and can tell their family and friends who were not at the event this year. We will definitely be back next year! We also hope to be at other Rugged Maniac locations across the country next year! Follow us on social media to keep up-to-date on everything we’re doing and if we’ll be in a city near you!

Jason Greenspan
TCAF Ambassador & Board Member