TC Conference Guest Speaker - Thomas Cantley "Mr. Ballsy"

We are excited to welcome back Thomas Cantley “Mr. Ballsy” as a guest speaker at the Testicular Cancer Conference 2018.

Thomas Cantley Testicular Cancer Survivor aka Mr. Ballsy and Big Ballsy Comics

Thomas Cantley was inspired after being diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer that spread to his lymph nodes, because he put off going to the doctor. He created a campaign that received worldwide attention, pushing a giant inflatable testicle across two countries and over 8,000 miles to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Thomas wanted men to be ballsy by talking about their health and to stop ignoring it because they're too proud/shy/embarrassed (you fill in the blanks). This amazing journey has recognized him globally and quoted as one of the most outspoken voices in testicular cancer awareness in the world. He has gained hundreds of hours of media coverage for this worthy cause. But best of all, met amazing people who he inspired to be ballsy about their health and who also inspired him.

Thomas Cantley Mr. Ballsy and Big Ballsy Comics

His mission is to inspire men to live well physically and mentally. Often times, after men seek physical treatment for their issues, they ignore their mental health. 50% of what I do is talk to men about mentally preparing for a diagnosis and helping them wrap their heads around recovery from a diagnosis. Mindset is key - healthy mind equals healthy body.

He co-wrote and created Big Ballsy Comics for a first-of-its-kind comic series featuring cancer survivor superheroes fighting villains and saving the world one person at a time. He is newly partnering with a big publisher based in LA and comic will be available this Nov. He’s appeared on The Doctors, Huffington Post Live,Today Show, E! News, and in several magazines. In his lectures, his gritty style, mental health tips, and advice on reducing stress to live well motivates his audience to “be ballsy” about their health because it’s the only one they’ve got.  Thomas released an awareness comic and is working to release a documentary. His passion is in creating comics and has created his own business, Big Ballsy Comics. He believes events like the TC Conference are important to bring people together who all have one thing in common – cancer.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet Thomas Cantley “Mr. Ballsy” and the other guest speakers at our annual Testicular Cancer Conference in Denver, CO on November 30, December 1 & 2, 2018.

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