Cause Marketing Spotlight: Bravelets

Cause marketing partners are great sources of support for non-profit organizations. Finding a company that believes in your cause and want's to help be a part of the fight is important to having a great partnership. Here at TCAF, we are extremely grateful for our marketing partners. We feel it's great to introduce them to you and a little bit about their history and how they partner with our organization. Today, we want to shine the spotlight on Bravelets,  Cause Jewelry


Bravelets was founded by Stephanie Hansen and is based out of Austin, Texas. The story behind the company is deeply rooted in standing behind a cause. In June of 2011, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Wanting something to remind her to be brave, just as her mother was, Stephanie came up with the idea of the Bravelet. A bracelet that could be worn, seen, and serve as a reminder to be brave. It started with Bravelets for herself, her mother, her sister, and her father.

Bravelets as a company was then launched in January of 2012 with 10 different colors representing 10 different causes. Since then, Bravelets has come to support over 100 different causes from cancer to autism, to mental health. To date, they have donated more than $350,000 to different organizations. It's easy to choose your cause, and directly put your support behind it. With Bravelets, 10% of every purchase is donated to the cause you are supporting. No percentage or guessing.  


The stand out symbol of the jewelry is in the prominant triangle found in every design in the inventory. As the website states, the triangle is the strongest of the geometric shapes. With a product intended to remind us of how brave we can be, whether for ourselves or our family, it makes sense that triangles and Bravelets are the perfect pair. 


We asked Stephanie what sets Bravelets apart from other cause minded brands, and here is what she had to say:

"Bravelets is different from other cause related products because of our community. The sense of bravery. Those 2 little words "be brave" engraved on every piece of jewelry. Whether you are fighting cancer, ptsd or bullying, anyone who wears a piece of Bravelets jewelry is connected and can support one another. Additionally, what sets us apart is our transparency. Many other companies say "a portion of proceeds is donated," which we find very confusing. When you buy a Bravelets product you know exactly how much is being donated (10%) and where it is going."

We are extremely grateful for Bravelets and the partnership we have formed with them. A great, stylish product, with a great meaning, and doing great things to support our cause. Please take a moment to check out their website and the products they offer that support TCAF. They make excellent gifts for yourself, or other members of your family, and are always great reminders of how strong we can be when we need to "be brave".

**You can also catch Bravelets on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram**