Jordan Jones Legacy - Karyn Quinn's Eulogy

Karyn Quinn is a long time friend of Kim Jones and the Jones family, and has served as a Board Member at the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation since 2010. Karyn delivered the following eulogy at Jordan's Celebration of Life.

I don't speak in front of people and in fact I'm scared to death of it.. I knew in honor of Jordan and his courage to face everything with a positive attitude and a smile I would forever regret not speaking at his Celebration of Life!

I am honored and feel it is a privilege to be here and to be asked to speak at such an amazing Celebration of Jordan's life. I, like all of you still cannot believe he is on his next journey paving the way for the rest of us.. I can only imagine how fun and beautiful Heaven just became.

I didn't spend time with Jordan as a small child, but I was fortunate to have him grace my life when he was about 16 .. Instantly Jordan stole a piece of my heart, became my hero, and started teaching me things about life and how precious it is, and the people in it... Things I thought I already knew.. There is nothing I say here today that every person in this room has not experienced in your own relationships with Jordan .. The minute he enters your life you are touched by his smile, his humor, his laugh, his tenderness, his compassion, his wisdom.. Oh my gosh his wisdom way beyond his years, his passion for not just one thing, his passion for everything. Everything he did he did with an inner passion and humility that few get to experience.. Jordan always took the time to listen and really get to know the people he surrounded himself with. His way of looking at people and humanity, not ever judging another human being, his acceptance of others.. Jordan has forever changed my life and for that I am grateful!! Watching him with his sister Breanna was so beautiful.. His family bond was strong and unbreakable and so important to him, the unique and tender relationship with his mom, the love and respect for his dad.. Jordan and his family is a pure and true testimony of unconditional love!!!

His energy could be felt instantly, and to be around him was just FUN!!
People just radiated towards him.. His attitude and his love of life made me want to act like a kid again.. As I'm sure you all have seen some, if not all of his videos and witnessed his extreme agility and to excel at everything he ever did!!

He talked me into climbing to the top of a 2 story boat in the middle of the Caribbean and jump off the edge... I jumped straight in feet first, NOT graceful at all, scared to death of heights .. Jordan did flip after flip, after flip, turning and twisting in perfect form of course, barely making a splash when he entered the water!! Not long and all the guest were jumping and cheering!! Even the island locals were impressed !! That was by far one of the funnest days of my life!! That same trip, Jordan taught me how to paddle board, again, I wasn't graceful, downright ugly but Jordan was so patient and sweet.. The laughs we shared I will NEVER forget!!

He always made it a point to stop by when I was in town to say hello, to give me the biggest, tightest hugs.. If he ever hugged you, you know exactly what I'm talking about.. I will forever miss those hugs!!

He'd join us for dinner or breakfast if he didn't have something super fun planned with his friends of course!! He LOVED his friends and spoke highly of you often..

He would reach out on birthdays, shoot me a quick text... He just had a way of touching your life and your heart and leaving a life long impression there!!

I was asked by Kim several years ago to join her team at TCAF to help raise awareness of this disease, so I joined Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation as a board member in 2010.. Now 6 years later and it is more important than ever to continue to share Jordan's story.

So as I stand here today, I remind all of you to help me, the Jones Family, and the foundation to continue Jordan's inspiration journey for years to come.

Volunteer, your time is a valuable asset, donate a service, If financially able, monetary donations help us help others to get the support they need, put us in touch with people you may know that could help the foundation!!!your support of TCAF and sharing Jordan's story will help save lives and and keep Jordan's legacy alive!!

Jordan Paul Jones
November 8, 1993 to June 8, 2016
Your bravery, your character, your smile, your sparkle, your wisdom, your SOUL, has forever left a footprint on this earth!!

Thank you Jeff Jones, thank you Kim Jones, thank you Breanna Jones, for sharing your precious Son and your incredible Brother with me and allowing me to be a part of this personal journey with you ..

I hope you all find comfort in knowing that there is one BAD ASS angel out there looking out after us!!