Jeremiah Ray - pherisis line & etoposide

i had my tunneled pheresis line place on 5/26/17. this will be used for both treatment (chemo) and stem cell collection. it’s quite the contraption (3 lines accessible from one point!)…  it will certainly make the stem cell collection easier. 

on 5/27/17 i went inpatient for my etoposide infusion. as mentioned this is done just prior to daily injections (which i start today) of stem cell growth factors. the idea in such an intense chemo dosage (explained below) is to really try to beat down the “bad” stem cells before forcing the generation of new, healthy ones. these newer stem cells are then collected and then the aforementioned process takes place again but with even more intense chemo over longer periods of time. so, rather than just “beating” them down, they’re being annihilated completely.   
anyways, i thought, as i have had etoposide in the past, it would be an average/standard infusion based on my body bass & height etc.. well, i was wrong! 
i included two infusion order lists. first, from my initial treatments (prior to recurrence, technically called “conventional” chemo) &, second, one from this weekend. granted the conventional order list, which included etoposide, was part of a standard regimen which also included several other chemo drugs. therefore, i was just getting the “standard” dose of etop based on my body mass and height in conjunction with other chemotherapy agents such as cisplatin & ifosfamide. the next photo shows what i received this past weekend as a stand-alone dose – a single, whopping dose! the difference is amazing! 149 mg (June 29, 2016) opposed to 3,980 mg of etoposide (May 27, 2017). if my calculations are accurate, i received more etoposide this weekend, over a single 8 hour infusion, than i did over all of my “conventional” treatments which spanned months! 

Jeremiah Ray
TCAF Ambassador

Reposted with permission from Cyclical.Life