Jeremiah Ray - Neutropenic Fever

neutropenic fever

     after spending the better part of the day yesterday (saturday) confined to my bed and lacking all energy, i decided to take my temperature, again. i had taken it earlier in the day and it was slightly below normal (97.9F). however, in the later afternoon, when i could barely gather myself to make tea, i thought it best to take it again. it was 100.8F and rising. normally, i would pop some tylenol and call it a night. however, considering the monstrous round of chemo undergone barely a week ago, i thought it best to head over to the ER. upon admittance my temp was 100.9F and early this morning, when the nurse did a set of vitals, it was 101.4F. (recently, without the assistance of tylenol, it was 99.5F.)

    i’ve been here, in the hospital, since and, though there is no discharge date yet, i’m really hoping this doesn’t interfere (yet again!) with my trip down to MGH on wednesday (june 7) for the stem cell collection. i’ve been on a steady flow of both IV fluids and antibiotics, among other things. they’ve also taken blood for cultures to see if they can further pinpoint the culprit and if they can get a more specific antibiotic. however, it seems, as of right now, all signs point to neutropenic fever. when i had labs drawn on friday, the day before my trip to the ER, my white blood cell count was 0.5 with the “normal” range running from 3.2 - 13.0. my granulocytes #, a type of white blood cell, was 0.1 where, again, the range is between 1.4 - 6.5.

Jeremiah Ray
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