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One Dude, One Mission: Live. Fight. Win.


The date itself should have been my first ominous warning. It was September 11. This of course was 11 years after the terrorist attack. A day that has now taken on an entirely different role in my mind. 

I had been bothered by swelling and dull pain in my left testicle for going on three months at this point. From the beginning, the thought of cancer weighed heavy on my mind. But not wanting to hear that kind of news, or even anything close, I found every medical reason I could to stay clear of the doctor. That was, until September 11 of last year. 

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A Love Story. . .


Dane and I married on July 23, 2010 and on top of the world.We were best friends for 13 years prior to marriage and we were ready to start a family.

Three months after we got home from our honeymoon, Dane started having lower back pain.All visits to orthopedics, back specialists, etc. had the same diagnosis: a pinched nerve or a slipped disk.He was losing a lot of weight saying he didn't have an appetite because of the pain medication the doctor had given him.

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