The Wrecking Ball by Blakeley Hollinger

I am currently serving in the US Army and when I noticed that my right testicle was about twice the size of my left. I was in the United States. A doctor misdiagnosed the problem and so I went on a deployment to Afghanistan. while i was in Afghanistan i noticed the testicle getting bigger so i asked a couple of my buddies what I should do and they told me that i needed to go to the hospital. Soon after I went to the hospital they were rushing me to get an ultra sound. The doctors in Afghanistan were very concerned with the problem and they had me medi-vaced right away to Germany where I received a radical right orchiectomy. I then came back to the states and received my chemotherapy treatments. Now I'm with the girl that stood by my side through the entire thing and I have a wonderful dog that protected me when I was sick. I am now also on my second deployment and staying strong since the whole thing anyone that is struggling with testicular cancer just keep your head up and stay strong every mushroom cloud has a silver lining just remember that. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.