One Nut Wonder by Ronald Durfey

I had dealt with pain for a while after multiple checks with different physicians and countless antibiotics. Finally the urologist set me in a chair and smacked my leg and said I am 99 % sure you have cancer than got up and left. Leaving me their to take the full force of the train that was hitting me. He walked back into the room and sat back in the chair now saying we are doing surgery in two days. I can't remember what else he said due to his opening statement to me. After the surgery was complete he than handed me off to my cancer doc Dr. Moffet she was a very nice and soothing lady she guided me through the chemo treatments and test making it much easier.

After the surgery and treatment I have been diagnosed anxiety and a sleep problem. I also now have a chronic pain in the lower groin area from the incision and nerves growth and damage. Tried injections and body rejected them, tried a cream but if it gets in contact with penis it won't work. Also had developed ghost pains from the missing testicle.