Life Changing by Alex Hassett

On Feb 2nd 2014 I was struck down with severe abdominal pain on my lower right side. After being told I may have cancer I layed in a hospital bed for 5 days before finally being told I had stage 2 testicular cancer and that first thing Monday morning I will be losing my right testicle.

Was I scared? Hell yes. But after I was told I was having surgery in 3 days, it couldn't come fast enough. Because I knew if they were doing something to my body, I was that much closer to getting better.

Then the chemo started, also very scary! Man I hated those needles but I got used to it. And to the surprise of the doctors and myself the chemo never really got on top of me. Sure I had some bad days and felt a bit nauseous. But I was always able to put a smile on for family and friends. DON'T BE SCARED of the chemo...... Just roll with it, it will be over soon.

It's now been 3 months since treatment and I'm cancer free! Just like everyone else, we are keeping a keen eye on my bloods and ct results. And the doctors are very positive about my continued recovery.

My words for anyone going through the same battle I did,

It's okay to be scared! But the doctors found it and they have the power and intention on making you better.

Chemo is a scary word, but it's gonna save your life, I looked forward to my chemo at the beginning and before I knew it, it was over.

Open your eyes! Wow, I didn't realize how many people out there had it worse than me. And how many people actually cared about me.

It's only a blip on the radar! Yeah it's gonna affect your life, but not for long! 3 months clear and I'm back playing football and my girlfriend and I have just started building our new house!

Life has just begun

Oh yeah, and love your family, they may annoy you with a million questions and phone calls, but they mean well!