Using Cancer to Create Positive Results by Jason

survivor 2.jpg

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer (nonseminoma, germ cell, embryonal carcinoma)on October 13, 2011. Lucky enough, I caught it very early at Stage 1b. I went through the orchiectomy  and one round of BEP chemotherapy.


I am the proud father of two daughters, Allie (5yrs) & Leah (3yrs) and I have very loving and supportive wife of 7 years, Lori. My battle with TC changed my entire life. I decided to change careers in 2012. I have been in school for almost 2 years now taking the required prerequisites to become a Radiation Therapist. I feel that cancer came into my life for a brief moment to open my eyes to the needs of cancer patients.


I also feel that I can make a difference for someone who is battling cancer and it is now my life's mission to do so. My positive outlook and willingness to inspire others to never give up is something that I want to incorporate into my everyday career. Becoming a radiation therapist will allow me to do this and more.


One year ago I helped to educate and heighten testicular cancer awareness at my alma mater, Achbishop Rummel High School. I was given the opportunity to give 5 separate speeches to 5 different biology classes at the high school. This was something I wouldn't have ever had the courage to do before my battle with TC. I am in the process of scheduling another date with the high school in order to deliver another speech.


It is amazing how your life can change in an instant. It is up to us what we do with that change. We can choose to focus on the negativity of the situation; or, we can embrace it, learn from the occurrences, and create positive results.