From Cancer Diagnosis to Mount Whitney!

Bryan Z.jpg

Bryan  Zink - Inspiring Story to say the least! 15 months in remission. He has  accomplished a great feat and has recently climbed one of the tallest  mountains in the continental United States TWICE!  "Mount Whitney."

Bryan's  Story: I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in August 2009. I  underwent an orchiectomy (removal of testicle) and told I was  cancer-free. CANCER came back March 2010! April. I started 3 rounds of BEP chemo. July they said I was “CURED”. October  CANCER came back more aggressive! Large tumor in my lower peritoneal  (lower back) next to kidney. Underwent 2 rounds of VEIP chemo to prepare  me for a tandem stem-cell transplant. The transplant was done at UMC  Tucson, AZ. In November, what was thought to be scar tissue from dead  tumor was now growing. February I had a RPLND (abdominal surgery to  remove tumors). Tumor was pure teratoma.

HAPPY to say that I've  been in remission for 15 months! Just over a year ago since my  stem-cell transplant and 6 months since my RPLND. I, along with my wife  Marcia, hiked to the top of Mount Whitney in California. It's the  tallest mountain in the continental United States coming in just under  15,000 feet. The hike is 22 miles round trip with a 6,000 foot elevation  gain. I turned around and did the same hike almost two hours faster 3  weeks later on September 9, 2012.

"Keep Living Strong Bryan!"