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Ball-A-Palooza Music Festival


••Please note before completing application••

This is a fundraiser for Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation a NONPROFIT organization. By completing this application you are consenting to donating your performance. All artists are being asked to donate their time and talent to this event on the basis of wanting to promote the cause and be a part of a local music showcase. 

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Contact Person
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We would love to attend your show and hear your talent!
Do you consent to not book a large show 2 weeks prior to ensure maximun event attendance? *
Do you acknowledge you will diligently promote the event to your fan base? Using all methods of promotion? *
We just want it to be an awesome event!
Do you acknowledge to instruct your fans to conduct themselves in a manner not to cause any damage to the venue that could in turn be billed to the nonprofit? *

••While we are soliciting bands from across the state, please note that we are only able to choose a select number of bands to take part in the event. Decisions will be made in part by performance quality, ability to draw a large crowd, although that will not be the only criteria. Even if not selected we would love for you to attend and be a part of the event. All applications will be kept in the event we have a cancellation or the ability to host more performers in different areas of the venue.